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EXPOCHAT Term of services


Our Target is to give people opportunity to optimize theirs time and build theirs business community and bring Business World to the next level .

The following product and services we provide: 

1. EXPOCHAT provides a very specific business tailored experience for you

direct message , find a business partners in seconds from round the world , place your company on our company zone and check calendars of all business events from round the world .

2. Make a Business and increase your market value

EXPOCHAT helps you find and connect to business partners , business organizations which will help your business direct with time value . The mission of EXPOCHAT to make you successful, as with right partners you can achieve in life a lot in very short period of time ,therefore we have filter buttons on each of our services. We are the one who will profile for you each person , business organizations and events , our complaints department across the globe will work on it 24/7 on this mission .

3. EXPOCHAT has strong professional team

which use and develop the most advanced technologies to make our services safe and very proactive. We use and develop advanced technology like cloud based storage and distributed databases and all using encrypted channel to transfer the data between the users, so business people can use the EXPOCHAT safely regardless of their location and time, that’s why we confidently name ourselves First World Business Messenger.

4. Unique messenger

The most unique part of our messenger is visibility of 0 meters between the users as we all know that opportunity in business and in general in life can pass only one meters away ,maybe the person whom we are looking for only one meters far ,therefore we decided to go to completely new road of showing distance between users and gave opportunity for our users catch any business opportunity which can happen in daily walking the street , going to EXPOs , Summits ,Congresses, events and simple “Hi “ can change the world!