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How do I call EXPOCHAT?

Phone number to dial : ‭+971 55 492 0886

  1. Call-back available: No
  2. Call picked up by real person: Yes
  3. Department you’re calling: Customer Service
  4. Call Center hours: 24 hours . 7 days
  5. Best time to dial : N/A
  6. Average wait: N/A
How do you contact to EXPOCHAT to report a problem ?
  1.  Go to Business profile you want report
  2. Click on Business profile photo.
  3.  Select Give feedback or report this profile
  4. To give feedback , click option that best describes how this page goes against our World Business Community Standards
  5. Depending on your feedback, you may then be able to submit a report to EXPOCHAT
How do I recover an old account , I cannot log into ?

To recover an old account :

  1.  Click in top right of the account ‘s profile
  2.  Click Recover this account and follow the steps