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  • EXPOCHAT is very unique and modern digital platform for all business owners, executives and business managers
  • EXPOCHAT provides space for companies to create digital presence where goods and services can be showcased
  • EXPOCHAT provides for its users an environment where they can interact with providers to identify potential partnerships and future joint ventures
  • EXPOCHAT is an innovative encrypted messaging platform and smart business communication tool which allows users to interact with all platform users
  • EXPOCHAT is a world wide business focused platform ,which combines the data base of companies and profiles of business people.

Our product and services


Instant messaging , sending files attachments, voice messages, share location. User can communicate with theirs contacts or with other users from our world wide network.


Find Business Partners , professional profiles of our users worldwide, segregated according theirs business sectors


World Calendar of the events and exhibitions. With detailed information including geolocation


Profiles is world wide registered companies aligned to their industry and market. With Geolocation


Settings user account profile management functions, including wall paper color change , profile photo upload ,amend the user details and many others


My Favorite function,This function – personal organ of user , where user can save favorite events from World Calendar and Save Companies profiles

Tell a friend

Tell a friend function- allows users to invite theirs contacts by sending an invite link.

Pricing Plan

Regular package / Regional & Worldwide Companies


and in any currency according the rate
  • •Registration of the company in directory , aligned to industries and markets .
  • • Regular Package for companies that have one office or branch
Professional Package /Regional Companies


and in any currency according the rate
  • •Professional Package for the companies that have multiple officers or branches. User can register 10 companies.
  • •With one or more companies under one umbrella.
Business Package/Worldwide Companies


and in any currency according the rate
  • • Business Package includes registration of 1 company plus
  • • Front Main Menu Add

Our Team


Dr Dinara Rakhimbaeva


EXPOCHAT- the most modern next generation Business Messenger Founded by Dr Dinara Rakhimbaeva late 2018 . Dr Dinara aimed to develop a technology based on on modern software that would benefit EXPO 2020 and all events in 168 countries world wide and in all continents and in all languages , she believes that’s time transform truly economy and drop any barriers in digital world .

After digital world . ‘we will put ‘ Dr Dinara believes that EXPOCHAT will become Public company , and she is working towards the goals of A, B, C fund raising and looking to create and build modern platforms of crowd funding or maybe even something even new  to fund tech project as she knows how challenging it can be .”To make revolutionary progress in tech funding we must to learn new skills as old school in tech of funding is not working any more “ this is her words .


Mirakhmad Irnazarov


Total experience in business 7 years , hard worker from early age . Raising star in business of Transformation of Tech in new era , and big asset of company as he has combination of both skills Tech and Economy , his new approach to digital economy and new revolutionary thinking pushing board to another level .

Mirakhmad ‘s vision is to make EXPOCHAT the most user friendly and economical valuable for investors and with many sustainable values to the modern society, He knows that simplicity and minimalism is the key of any success in tech business.


Dr Hadi Shahid


Dr.A. Hadi Shahid is a holder of Ph.D. In Accounting and an accomplished Corporate Executive for more than 39 years of experience in assurance , accounting, audit and business management including 4 years as area in – charge for one of the Big 4. He is the Managing Director of Alliott Hadi Shahid Chartered Accountants and Managing Parner Alliott Management Consulting.

He believed to EXPOCHAT from early stage and became co angel investor of tech start up from middle of 2018.